Murrayfield Golf Club

Open Mixed Foursomes

Sunday 3rd June 2018, White Tees, Murrayfield

Many thanks to all those that took part in the Murrayfield Golf Club 2018 Open Mixed Foursomes Strokeplay.  The nett and scratch prizes are shown below and will be distributed as follows:

 * for Murrayfield members, prize money will be added to your pro-shop account

 * for non Murrayfield members, prize money will be sent out to you in the form of SGU vouchers in the next couple of days.

Nett Prizes

1st  Nick I Hudson & Anne W McMenigall (64.0) £50.00 each

2nd David Cutter & Wendy Cutter (65.5) £40.00 each

3rd Jamie F Dunnett & Alison A Murchie (66.0) £30.00 each

4th Bob Yardley & Joyce Yardley (69.5) £20 each

5th  Douglas MacRae & Victoria E MacRae (69.5) £15.00 each

Scratch Prizes

1st Andrew McDougall & Paula McDougall (77) £45.00 each

2nd Mari C Deans & Iain J McCallum  (79) £35.00 each

3rd Aileen Penny & Dennis Penny (80) £25.00 each

Twos results

The following teams who entered the two's sweep scored 2's and will receive £55.50 per couple (£27.75 each):

  • Fiona Ford & Tom Ford
  • Andrew McDougall & Paula McDougall 
  • Aileen Penny & Dennis Penny
  • Ian Kerr & Marie Vandepeear

Two's money will be credited in the pro-shop.

View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

Nett Results switch Score 
1st Nick I Hudson & Anne W McMenigall 64.0
2nd David Cutter & Wendy Cutter 65.5
3rd Jamie F Dunnett & Alison A Murchie 66.0
4th Bob Yardley & Joyce Yardley (/Ravelston Golf Club)69.5
5th Douglas MacRae & Victoria E MacRae (/Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd)69.5
6th Ricky Hay & Jacqui Loudon Liberton Golf Club70.0
7th Aileen Penny & Dennis Penny (Ladybank Golf Club/Balbirnie Park Golf Club)70.0
8th Mari C Deans & Iain J McCallum 70.0
9th Jenny Stanier & Chris Taylor (/Royal North Devon Golf Club)70.5
10th Alyson V Irvine & Edward Irvine (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)70.5
11th Andrew Howard & Abby Steedman (Baberton Golf Club/)70.5
12th Andrew McDougall & Paula McDougall (Ravelston Golf Club/Baberton Golf Club)71.0
13th Graham Howarth & Lisa Kilpatrick Deer Park Golf Club & Country Club71.5
14th Scott Noble & Heather Thomson (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)72.0
15th Amanda B Lambert & Bill Lambert (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)72.5
16th Jane E Neville & T E Douglas Neville (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)72.5
17th C Leslie R Hutchison & Judy Hutchison 72.5
18th Lynn Bruce & Stewart Paisley Minto Golf Club73.0
19th Suzanne Aikman & Stevie Anderson (Ravelston Golf Club/)73.0
20th Michael Ford & Norma Richmond (Gullane Golf Club/)73.5
21st Emma Clark & Ryan Warrick (/Crichton Golf Club)73.5
22nd Andrew Malcolm & Mary Malcolm Balbirnie Park Golf Club73.5
23rd Christopher D Hardie & Judith S Hardie 73.5
24th Audrey Freeman & Nigel Miller (Kings Acre Golf Club/Carrick at Cameron House Golf Club)74.0
25th Pam Townsend & Andrew Waddell (/Innerleithen Golf Club)74.0
26th Brian B E Scouler & Kendall G Scouler (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)74.0
27th Stephen Stuart & Valerie Stuart (/Ravelston Golf Club)74.5
28th A R Thomson & Alison Thomson Uphall Golf Club74.5
29th Yvonne Blyth & Josh Miller (/Prestonfield Golf Club Limited)74.5
30th Sandra F Ashurst & Stuart Macrae 74.5
31st James Grant & Zoe Meldrum Kingsknowe Golf Club74.5
32nd Joanne L Doddie & John Doddie 74.5
33rd Ann L Bunker & Peter Gillespie (/Gatehouse Golf Club)75.0
34th Fiona Ward & Laurence Ward 75.0
35th George Robb & Julie Robb Baberton Golf Club75.0
36th Linda A Blencowe & Martin Blencowe (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)75.5
37th Gillian Pritchard & Stephen Russell Ravelston Golf Club75.5
38th Richard P%2E Holden & Alison Loudon (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)75.5
39th Alan Duthie & Carol A Grant (/Ravelston Golf Club)76.0
40th Ray Lynch & Robert Lynch (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)76.0
41st Graham Box & Janet Box Stirling Golf Club76.0
42nd Megan Barbour & Mark Fergie (/Craigmillar Park Golf Club)76.0
43rd Jean Inglis & Graham Tait (/Ratho Park Golf Club)76.5
44th Andrew Stonehouse & Jane Stonehouse (Musselburgh Links Ladies/Duddingston Golf Club)76.5
45th Graham Lundie (Craigmillar Park Golf Club/Strathaven Golf Club)76.5
46th Miriam Young & Tom Young (Merchants of Edinburgh Golf Club/Turnhouse Golf Club Ltd)76.5
47th Ian McPherson & Muriel Mcpherson Blairgowrie Golf Club77.0
48th Fiona Ford & Tom Ford 77.0
49th Stuart Drysdale & ALYSON SCRIMGEOUR (Leven Golfing Society/Dundas Parks Golf Club)77.0
50th Guy Bainbridge & Katherine Bainbridge (Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd/)77.0
51st Gordon Duff & Louise A Duff (/Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd)77.5
52nd Liz Duthie & James Peden (/Gullane Golf Club)78.0
53rd Alan Davey & Helen Fonseca (Liberton Golf Club/Gogarburn Golf Club)78.0
54th Derek Smiles & Elaine Smiles Kingsknowe Golf Club78.0
55th Gordon Blackwood & Sheila Blackwood (Dunbar Golf Club/Glen Golf Club)78.5
56th Simon Francey & Liz E Mendl Cooper 78.5
57th Ian Kerr & Marie Vandepeear (Gullane Golf Club/)79.0
58th Donald Wright & Hillary J Wright (/Golf House Club Elie)79.0
59th David Lawson & Lynn M Wilson (/Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd)79.0
60th Derrick Thomson & Shona E Thomson 79.5
61st Dan M Findlay & Elizabeth J Findlay (Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh/Ravelston Golf Club)79.5
62nd Kate Johnston & Ken D A Johnston (/Baberton Golf Club)79.5
63rd Christine Donaldson & Neil A Whyte 80.0
64th Alex Preston & Eileen Preston Duns Golf Club80.0
65th Duncan F Campbell & Lorna W Jackson 80.0
66th Davina Lavery & Jamie McArdle Milngavie Golf Club80.5
67th Liz Duthie & Peter Duthie Kilmacolm Golf Club80.5
68th Alan G Stewart & Mary Wilson (Tantallon Golf Club/Liberton Golf Club)81.0
69th Geraldine Graf Leven Golfing Society81.0
70th Charlie Bryden & Jean Bryden (Dundas Parks Golf Club/Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd)81.0
71st Neil Laird & Jane L Mackie (/Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd)83.0
72nd Lesley E Roe & Michael Roe (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)83.0
73rd Colin Glynne-Percy & Robyn Glynne-Percy 84.0
74th Dot I La Barre & Ian Riley (/Braehead (Alloa) Golf Club)84.5
75th Gordon B Porteous & Averil Sutherland (/Baberton Golf Club)84.5
76th Douglas R Millar & Jan Millar Bathgate Golf Club85.5
77th Geoff D Y Payne & Jane Payne (/Ravelston Golf Club)85.5
78th Morag Nicholson & Richard Thomson Kilspindie Golf ClubNR
79th Christopher R J Campbell & Kay M Campbell (Luffness New Golf Club/)NR
80th Andrew Bell & Marion Bell (Musselburgh Links Ladies/Baberton Golf Club)NR
81st Cameron Steedman & Caroline W Steedman (/Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd)NR

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