Murrayfield Golf Club

Murrayfield Golf Club Ladies Open Triam

Friday 13th September
Murrayfield, Tee - Red
H'cap Allowance: 85%


WHS Max Strokes 36 ENTRY FEE: £45:00PER TEAM.  Entry is online only.  Entry fee payable at the time of entry. No Prize Giving 2's Sweep £6 per team paid out as Pro Shop Credit.


2 Best NETT score counts at each hole.

Enter all Gross scores into computer, system will sort out the best 2 Nett scores

Scorecard Entry:

Nominate a team captain who will be responsible for keeping the scores and inputting into the computer

Two of the players will show on the scorecard in boxes Player A and Payer B, the third player will be adjacent to Player B.  On the scorecard mark the initials of Player A in the Players Score Column A, Ditto for Player B and put Player C initials in the Points Column.

Keep each persons gross score at each hole, and if anyone is not scoring at a hole put NS, 0 or - for their score. The system requires a gross score at each hole for each player whether it be NR or a viable score.  This system will then work out the Best Nett score for the team.

It is not necessary for the system input to know the Nett score. As a bare minimum you MUST put each player’s gross score against the appropriate column.

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Competition Fees:
  • £45.00 Per Team - Members (Required On Entry)
Open To: Ladies
Current Entries: 129

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