Murrayfield Golf Club

Senior Gents Open Stableford

Wednesday 6th June 2018, White Tees, Murrayfield

Results of the Murrayfield Senior Gents Open Stableford played on Wednesday 6th June 2018.

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Overall winner  David Finnie (13)  44 £150
Division 1 (0-14)       
1st  Derek Robertson (12) Braehead (Alloa) Golf Club    40  £120 
 2nd Duncan McLeod (9) 40 £100 
3rd  Michael D Henderson (12) Kirkcaldy Golf Club 39  £80 
4th  Jim Anderson (13) 39  £70 
5th  Keith T L Millar (11) 37  £60 
6th  Alex M Sneddon (12) 37  £50 
Division 2 (15-28)       
1st Ian Wales (21) 41  £120
2nd Bert Barclay (23) 40   £100
3rd Richard Mcguff (21) 39  £80 
4th A Robertson(15) Newbattle Golf Club 39  £70 
5th  David A Orr (17) 38  £60 
6th  Alex Bishop (21) 37  £50 
Twos Report
Iain Campbell (20)  2  2nd
Bernard Gallivan (17)  2  10th
John Hope (12)  2  13th
David Kyles (12)  2  10th
Euan J McIntyre (18)  2  10th
Alan Taylor (17)  2  10th

Well done to all the winners, and many thanks to all of you who took part.

We hope you enjoyed your day at Murrayfield.

Senior Gents Committee

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Results PointsCSS 69 (Visitors 71)
1stDavid Finnie(13)44
2ndIan Wales(21)41
3rdDerek Robertson(12) Braehead (Alloa) Golf Club40
4thBert Barclay(23)40
5thDuncan McLeod(9)40
6thRichard Mcguff(21)39
7thMichael D Henderson(12) Kirkcaldy Golf Club39
8thA Robertson(15) Newbattle Golf Club39
9thJim Anderson(13)39
10thDavid A Orr(17)38
11thAlex Bishop(21)37
12thColin Logan(16) Marriott Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club37
13thKeith T L Millar(11)37
14thAlex M Sneddon(12)37
15thNeil A Whyte(12)36
16thAllan McFarlane(17) Linlithgow Golf Club36
17thWalker Forsyth(19)36
18thRicky Hay(16) Liberton Golf Club35
19thRoger Mew(10)35
20thDoug Sievwright(17) Drumoig Golf Club35
21stA G Miller(3) Dunfermline Golf Club35
22ndMr James Markey(15) Liberton Golf Club35
23rdKeith Holdsworth(5) West Linton Golf Club35
24thAlec Gaw(14) Kings Acre Golf Club34
25thWilliam Henderson(6) Bathgate Golf Club34
26thAndy D Steel(17)34
27thAlan Taylor(17) Bathgate Golf Club34
28thJohn (Ian) Robertson(19)34
29thHugh McGhee(23) Drumpellier Golf Club33
30thAndrew Birt(22) Craigielaw Golf Club33
31stIan J Randall(4) Silverknowes Golf Club33
32ndIan D. McWhirter(16) Drumpellier Golf Club33
33rdWilliam McGibbon(21)33
34thBill Anderson(18)33
35thjames mercer(12) Pitreavie (Dunfermline) Golf Club33
36thGordon Grieve(9) Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd33
37thAndy Hunter(7) Swanston New Golf Club33
38thDon J Hinks(15)33
39thDouglas Grieve(8) Ravelston Golf Club32
40thGeorge S Pringle(21)32
41stAndy Mitchell(22)32
42ndKen Innes(10) Pitreavie (Dunfermline) Golf Club32
43rdJimmy McGrorry(12) Dumbarton Golf Club32
44thSandy Williamson(20) Braehead (Alloa) Golf Club32
45thGraham Clark(8) Duns Golf Club32
46thDuncan F Campbell(12)32
47thR.h. Gray(17) Drumpellier Golf Club32
48thEuan J McIntyre(18)32
49thMichael Currie(6) Glen Golf Club32
50thRobert M Scott(7)32
51stAlan Addison(15) Grangemouth Golf Club32
52ndGeorge Kerr(16) Kings Acre Golf Club32
53rdJohn A Matheson(20)31
54thJohn Nimmo(16) Craigielaw Golf Club31
55thAlec M Millar(14)31
56thBill Middleton(19) Dullatur Golf Club31
57thD Evenden(24) West Lothian Golf Club31
58thBrian Thomson(5) Kilspindie Golf Club31
59thJimmy Anderson(15) Swanston New Golf Club31
60thMaurice Gibson(20)31
61stIan Kerr(8)31
62ndSinclair Macdonald(14) Silverknowes Golf Club31
63rdRobert Elrick(13) Baberton Golf Club31
64thIain Campbell(20) Stirling Golf Club31
65thJohn Thompson(9) Stirling Golf Club31
66thAlastair Murray (16)30
67thJim Tait(10)30
68thRobert Motel(16) Stirling Golf Club30
69thGraham Box(12) Stirling Golf Club30
70thGordon Sharpe(16) Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd30
71stNeil Pike(17) Dunbar Golf Club30
72ndIan D P Brockie(13)30
73rdAlan Lugget(21) Duns Golf Club30
74thIan Ellis(28)29
75thHenry Cockburn(14) Craigielaw Golf Club29
76thJohn Doddie(17)29
77thRichard Murray(8)29
78thJohn Manson(23) Gott's Park Golf Club29
79thDavid Izatt(12) Muckhart Golf Club29
80thCliff Anderson(18)29
81stRobbie Law(8) Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd29
82ndKen Perston(6) Haggs Castle Golf Club29
83rdAlan Edwards(19) Liberton Golf Club29
84thDavid John Murray(14)29
85thJ Clark Pearson(13) West Linton Golf Club28
86thAnthony Gair(12) Mortonhall Golf Club28
87thRab Fleming(12) Liberton Golf Club28
88thMalcolm McDonald(14) Kirkcaldy Golf Club28
89thJohn Mathers(21) Glen Golf Club28
90thRobert McIntyre(13) Balfron Golf Society28
91stTrefor Jones(15) Leven Golfing Society28
92ndCharles O`Shea(11) Blairgowrie Golf Club28
93rdDavid B Venters(17)27
94thLindsay W Galloway(15)27
95thAndrew McAllister(20) Stirling Golf Club27
96thBob Yardley(5)27
97thIan A McKinney(24)27
98thJohn Hope(12) Craigielaw Golf Club27
99thAlex McKenzie(5) Swanston New Golf Club27
100thMurray Duncanson(13) Tantallon Golf Club27
101stGeorge Rutherford(16) Gott's Park Golf Club26
102ndColin McG Clark(17)26
103rdGerry Shannon(18)26
104thHoward Wright(8) Mortonhall Golf Club26
105thNorman Cockburn(24) Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd26
106thIain Lothian(15) Duns Golf Club25
107thPhilip Joyner(12) Morpeth Golf Club25
108thDavid Kyles(12)25
109thSidney Bremner(19) Drumoig Golf Club25
110thGeoff D Y Payne(14)24
111thNeil McDonald(17) Dunfermline Golf Club24
112thGeorge P Bee(20)24
113thstuart ritchie(12) Dunfermline Golf Club23
114thGordon B Porteous(19)23
115thBernard Gallivan(17)23
116thJohn Scanlan(11) West Linton Golf Club23
117thAlex Campbell(24) Liberton Golf Club22
118thDonald Cameron(16) Dullatur Golf Club21
119thDavid Little(14) Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd21
120thJ Law(15) Minto Golf Club20
121stStewart McLean(19) Liberton Golf Club20
122ndJ Laird(20) Burntisland Golf House Club20
123rdRobert Holmes(12) Eyemouth Golf Club18
124thGerry McCann(13) Duff House Royal Golf Club17
125thAlex Cormack(21)13
126thjim Mcintyre(24) Knightswood Golf Club10
127thKenny A L Millar(15)10

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