Murrayfield Golf Club

Club & Invitation Mixed Foursomes Stableford

Sunday 20th August 2017, Yellow Tees, Murrayfield

Well done to everyone who played in this joint competition day and for making such great fun.  

The winners of The Invitation event for The Lawson Memorial trophy are:

1st  Greg Cooper & Laura Cooper   42 points   £50 each
2nd  Andrea Johnstone & Elliott Ross Johnstone  38 points  £25 each
3rd  Pam Townsend & Andrew Waddell  38 points  £15 each

(all monies are credited to the members pro shop account)


There were 3 two's scored, winning £14.67 per two, credited to members pro shop account:

Graham Forsyth & Caroline Johnstone

Stephen D Thurlow & Pat Wilson

Nicola M Campbell & James Godfrey


The winners of the Club Mixed for the Menzies Trophy are:

1st  Nick I Hudson & Anne W McMenigall  38 points  £50 each
2nd  Hamish D Mundie & Susan M Stephen  33 points  £25 each
3rd  Sandra F Ashurst & Stuart Macrae  33 points  £15 each

(all monies are credited to the members pro shop account)


There were 3 two's scored winning £24.67 per two, credited to each members pro shop account:

Sandra F Ashurst & Stuart Macrae

Nick I Hudson & Anne W McMenigall

Christine Donaldson & Neil A Whyte


Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive Prizes (bottle of wine to be collected from Club Office)

Nearest the pin 10th ladies: Fiona Hamilton (playing with Robert Hamilton)

Nearest the pin 7th men: Bob Yardley (playing with Joyce Yardley)

Longest drive 14th ladies: Alison Murchie (playing with Jamie Dunnett)

Longest drive 17th men:  Bob Yardley (playing with Joyce Yardley)


Many thanks for your participation and support.

View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

Results Score 
1st Greg Cooper & Laura Cooper (/Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd)41
2nd Nick I Hudson & Anne W McMenigall 38
3rd Andrea Johnstone & Elliott Johnstone (/Swanston New Golf Club)38
4th Pam Townsend & Andrew Waddell (/Innerleithen Golf Club)37
5th Nicola M Campbell & JAMES GODFREY (/Gullane Golf Club)35
6th Bob Yardley & Joyce Yardley (Ravelston Golf Club/)34
7th Louise A Duff & Mark Fergie (/Bass Rock Golf Club)34
8th Andrew Brodie & Mhairi M Stephen (/Glasgow Golf Club)33
9th Hamish D Mundie & Susan M Stephen 33
10th Sandra F Ashurst & Stuart Macrae 33
11th Graham Forsyth & Caroline Johnstone (/Galashiels Golf Club)33
12th Una Fleming & Andy Thomson (/Merchants of Edinburgh Golf Club)32
13th Jill L Shepherdson & Martin L J Shepherdson 32
14th Jamie F Dunnett & Alison A Murchie 32
15th Valerie J Aitchison & Dave W Simpson 32
16th David Hunter & Sheila T Hunter (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)32
17th Amanda B Lambert & Bill Lambert (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)32
18th D Anne Fergusson & Duncan Mennie (/Craigielaw Golf Club)31
19th Ann L Bunker & Peter Gillespie (Gatehouse Golf Club/)31
20th Frances Douglas & David Thomson (/Ravelston Golf Club)31
21st Elaine Fell & Ian Kerr (/Dunbar Golf Club)31
22nd Alyson V Irvine & Edward Irvine (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)30
23rd Chloe Johnstone & Michael D S Johnstone 30
24th Clifford Gordon & J Hope McBeath (/Dunblane New Golf Club)30
25th Bill Anderson & Kerry Anderson 30
26th Christine Donaldson & Neil A Whyte 30
27th Clare P MacKay & Colin Pearse 30
28th Fiona Hamilton & Robert J Hamilton (/Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh)29
29th Jackie M Thurlow & Keith Wilson (/Ratho Park Golf Club)29
30th Ailsa Cook & David G Fell (/Falkirk Tryst Golf Club)29
31st Duncan F Campbell & Hilary Duggua (/Auchterarder Golf Club)28
32nd Britt I K Johnstone & Ken G E Johnstone 28
33rd Jack Duthie & Marie Truswell (/Ratho Park Golf Club)28
34th Stephen D Thurlow & Pat Wilson (/Ratho Park Golf Club)28
35th Ian McPherson & Lesley M McPherson (/Blairgowrie Golf Club)27
36th Catriona J Flockhart & Steven Flockhart 27
37th Bill Cuthbert & Margaret E Fletcher (/Mortonhall Golf Club)27
38th Charlie Bryden & Jean Bryden (Dundas Parks Golf Club/Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd)27
39th Alan Duthie & Carol A Grant (/Ravelston Golf Club)27
40th Christine Shaw & Jim Tait 27
41st Martin Fell & Marie Vandepeear (Gullane Golf Club/Dunbar Golf Club)26
42nd David Cutter & Wendy Cutter 26
43rd D Fergus Nicholson & Heather Thomson (/Gullane Golf Club)26
44th C Leslie R Hutchison & Judy Hutchison 26
45th Jacqueline K Sansbury & Steve R Sansbury 25
46th Simon Francey & Liz E Mendl Cooper 25
47th Emma Clark & Ryan Warrick (/Crichton Golf Club)24
48th Liz Duthie & James Peden (/Gullane Golf Club)24
49th Ian W Forsyth & Denise H Mitchell 24
50th Joanne L Doddie & John Doddie 24
51st David J Hourston & Morag E MacPherson 23
52nd Barbara Eakins & Douglas Eakins 23
53rd Suzanne Aikman & Stephen Stuart (/Ravelston Golf Club)23
54th Donald Wilson & Lindsey N Wilson (Glasgow Golf Club/)23
55th Anna Bee & George P Bee (/Turnhouse Golf Club Ltd)23
56th Alison M Duthie & Bill Truswell (/Baberton Golf Club)21
57th Geoff D Y Payne & Jane Payne (/Ravelston Golf Club)21
58th Christine A Sharp & James Sharp (/Gullane Golf Club)17
59th Alex Cormack & Caroline Ritchie (/Carlisle Golf Club)16

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